Friday, January 20, 2012

Stuck Having Fun - things to do inside with a low ANC

Have you ever been stuck inside for days on end with your cancer cutie who is completely bored? 

Enjoy this list of ideas from experienced cancer moms:

*Get a big box.  Write "Stuck Having Fun" on it and fill it with things to do when your cutie is stuck inside the house.  Some ideas: A dollar store swim floaty for swimming in the tub.  A strobe light for dance parties, getting exercise, and releasing energy.  Painting and art supplies, coloring books, recipes and box mixes for playing chef, and duck food for and outdoor get-a-way. -Lea S.

*Get the wigs, turn on the tunes, and show off your dance moves. -Chelsea C.

 One of our cancer cuties doing some dance moves while being stuck inside.

*A Movie Night complete with setting up a concession stand and theater. -Lea S.

*A picnic in the backyard or on the kitchen floor. -Lea S.

*Hot glue magnets to pom poms and stick them on a cookie sheet to create different shapes and pictures. - Chelsie Y.

*Glue pennies onto a pair of shoes to make tap shoes (this would go nicely with the earlier strobe light idea) - Chelsie Y.

*Have your child make pictures or cards for their friends so that they still feel connected to their friends while they are unable to see them. -Chelsie Y.

*Make a tent in the living room and do a pretend camp -Kcee A.

*A camping trip at home.  Fishing in the bathtub and an indoor fire (flammable gel can in a bucket of rocks) to roast marshmallows, and a foam dodge-ball set. -Amy J.

*Make mundane tasks fun.  When doing the housework make it into a game, folding towels and sorting socks can bring some fun together time and you'll get your housework done. -Melissa A.


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  2. simple yet effective thank you very much. I am volunteering at a hospital that supports young kids 12 ad below with cancer and I want to introduce new games and stuff into this growing community of kids who reached a level that we know you can not be cured from but we still believe that they are going to beat the hell out of this disease and I know they will some day. so these ideas made me think that even in bed they still can do something because it is never to late.
    thank you and so recommend these activities.