Monday, January 2, 2012

Megan McNeil "The Will To Survive"

In 2010 I came across a music video that touched my heart.  I wasn't only impressed with the lyrics, but because it was actually written and performed by a cancer patient, Megan McNeil, and other children who were fighting cancer.  Megan was diagnosed with Adrenalcortical Carcinoma Cancer at age 16.  She beat back cancer 3 times, but succumbed to it during her 4th battle on January 28, 2011 at age 20.

Megan McNeil made a difference in this world, she spent much of her time and energy to campaign for childhood cancer.

From Megan's Obituary...

"Megan captured hearts across North America and even overseas for her tireless campaign promoting childhood cancer awareness. She wrote a beautiful song about the childhood cancer journey called “The Will to Survive” that legendary producer Garth Richardson (Rage Against the Machine, Nickelback) produced. Emerging star Ryan McMahon arranged the song and provided backup vocals.

Megan and “The Will to Survive” were featured on media outlets across the United States and Canada, with Canada AM naming her campaign one of the best stories of 2010 and CBC’s Connect with Mark Kelley naming her the most inspirational person of the year.

As Megan’s time to depart this earth grew near, she requested that those who love her continue her campaign to end childhood cancer through her song “The Will to Survive.”

As a gesture of remembrance, the family asks anyone wishing to honour Megan to download her song from iTunes and share The Will to Survive video on YouTube with those they treasure. Funds raised by downloads of Megan’s song benefit BCCCPA (British Columbia Children Cancer Parents' Association) and The James Fund."

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