Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Meet Carson

Carson is the Youngest of three kids, he has two older sisters Sydney & Hannah who absolutely adore him. He is a very sweet and easy going little four year old. He loves animals, trucks, trains, and playing with his many friends and cousins. He loves to go to the zoo, the park, and Grandma & Grandpa's house. All pretty typical for a four year old, only he is not your average four year old.. Carson has one other place he visits on a regular basis.. Primary Children's Medical Center's Oncology Unit. On July 13th 2009 when Carson was just two years old he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia- The Treatment Sentence for ALL= Three Years and Four months, or =Just Brutal ! During the first 9 months of his diagnosis and treatment- life was very rough, there were lots of uncertainties, it was a very scary time for both Carson and his Mommy. The first few rounds of treatment involved lots of different drugs with lots of nasty side affects, very hard hitting Chemo's, lots of back pokes, blood & platelet transfusions, very low counts, and lots and lots of Isolation. . Carson got very sick, and very thin, he lost all of his beautiful dark hair, eyebrows, and his beautiful dark eye lashes. Once he hit maintenance therapy about 10 months later life got a little easier for him, Carson started to feel and look more like a typical toddler. His hair grew back and he started feeling a lot better, luckily during this phase of treatment his meds are considered more of a low dose therapy and so he has been able to get out more and get back to being a kid again.

Carson is currently two years and two months into his treatment, he has now passed the middle mark ! Yay!! Carson is currently attending Pre-School, and this past spring he played T-Ball and he just started outdoor Soccer this fall. Carson is hardly phased by the many trips to the Oncology Clinic or the ER in which we visit regularly. He does not even flinch at a needle or a Dr Examination. It has become the norm to him. He is so brave and so special to me, I love him so much, he is and always will be Mommy's little hero.


  1. He is a rockstar! It has been wonderful getting to know him and your family. Thank you for always being such a strong support to me and Millie.

  2. Love you guys!