Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Camp Hobé

Hi Moms! We wanted to introduce ourselves to you and tell us about Camp Hobé, our low-cost psychosocial support program.

Camp Hobé is a special summer camp designed for kids currently undergoing cancer treatment, as well as for their siblings. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that enhances self-esteem, fosters independence and friendships, and creates a feeling of belonging. Camp accomplishes this by giving kids the opportunity to experience activities they would normally be unable to do because of their own or their sibling’s treatment. Most importantly, they build lasting friendships with peers who understand the life situation.

We offer three sessions: a 2-day day camp session for children ages 4-7, a 5-day overnight session for ages 6-12, and another 5-day overnight session for ages 12-19. At camp, kids participate in a variety of activities including swimming, archery, hiking, arts and crafts, creative writing, science, drama, music, rock climbing, field games, scuba diving, and our new high and low ropes course (challenge by choice). We have a full medical staff onsite 24/7, to ensure everyone’s safety.

It costs us approximately $625 per camper to provide the overnight sessions. However, we know that many camper families could not afford this, because of the incredible financial burden of cancer. And we strongly believe in never turning away any camper because of financial need. For these reasons, we charge only a nominal registration fee of $15 per camper for the day camp and $35 per camper for the overnight sessions. We also offer fee waivers for families with financial need. We raise funds from donors within the community to cover our remaining costs.

Our goal this year is to increase awareness about Camp and we are focusing much of our efforts on social media. You can help! To stay up-to-date about what we are doing in the community and to show your support of our cause, like our Facebook page, Camp Hobé! You can also support our efforts through Facebook Causes or visit www.camphobekids.org to learn more. 

Wapiti Mama, Director, Camp Hobé, 801-631-2742, wapitimama@camphobekids.org
Becca Larsen, Volunteer, becca.larsen@camphobekids.org


  1. WE LOVE CAMP HOBE!!! They saved our summer when Ty was first diagnosed. My kids talk about Camp Hobe all year!

  2. Here at ZhLeet we are over 250 members and we all are fighting cancer. We can be your friend too if you accept our invitation.

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  4. I'm happy to hear this from you guys, hopefully there will people with a golden heart and who is willing to help the kids specially those people who has extra income and willing to help. Its better to give than to receive, this thought really inspires me and maybe soon that kids will be successful to their lives and be professional too!

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